This tool allows users to see where patients with COVID-19 have visited. If you are concerned about your health, immediately seek professional medical advice.

Because new COVID-19 tests are somewhat underdeveloped, we have decided to plot symptomatic negatives in yellow. Please only report a symptomatic negative if you have basis to believe your test is a false negative (e.g. exposure to a positive individual).

If you have tested positive for or exhibit the symptoms of COVID-19, report where you’ve been. Thank you and stay safe!

(Note: The data in this tool will update a few times a day.)

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About the tool

This tool was designed by Prayag Gordy, Dr. Kate Sugarman, and Libbie Buchele. Programmed by Prayag Gordy.


© Prayag Gordy

Last updated: 4/6/20, 5:30 p.m.


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DISCLAIMER: This tool is for tracking self-reported cases only. All data are self-reported and not examined for accuracy. The author(s) do not endorse the validity of these data. If you are concerned about your wellbeing, immediately seek professional medical advice.